Taste Our Tender Homemade BBQ in Flint, MI

Check out the delicious options on our BBQ menu

Your BBQ dinner shouldn't taste store-bought. Get BBQ with soul from Vic's Pit Stop. Our pit master makes tangy and delicious barbecue sauce from scratch and smoke all of our pork to perfection, so you won't taste flavors like these anywhere else.

You can order all kinds of things from our BBQ menu, like homemade:

Pulled pork

We also offer sandwiches and combo platters, so you can find exactly what you're craving on our BBQ menu.

Try our homemade sauce and BBQ when you visit us in Flint, MI right away.

Check out our homemade BBQ process

The key to making the best BBQ is a slow and steady cooking process. We follow a routine to make sure our BBQ is excellent. Steps include:

  • Warming our 1,500-gallon smoker with cherry, apple and oak flavors
  • Creating a home-mixed seasoning blend and applying it to the meats
  • Slow roasting BBQ for five hours and brisket for 12 hours at 225 degrees

We don't rush our BBQ - we allow it to get tender and full of flavor over time. Once you try a bite, you'll know why our food is some of the best BBQ in town!